Plummer, Idaho  

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Other Utility Fees

Security Light Fees
                                  New Connection  $550
                                  New Pole Installation $1500
                                  Monthly Rate $5.00
                                  (Security Lights are 175 watt mercury vapor lights)

Street Light Fees:   
                                  Monthly Rate $10.00 
                                  (Street Lights are high pressure sodium and 400 watt mercury vapor lights)
                 *Customers are charged repair and or bulb replacement fees. * See Rate Book

Electric Disconnect/Reconnect Fees:
                                   Disconnect fee $35.00
                                   Reconnect fee $25.00 During regular business hours; $50.00 fee for    
                                   Reconnections after hours
Water Disconnect/Reconnect Fees:
                                  Shut off fee $10.00 (Disconnect water at the meter)
                                   Reconnect fee $10.00

Late fees:
                                  All past due accounts will be assessed a late fee of 1% (of account balance) 
month; with a minimum fee of $10.00 per month. Late fees are assessed on or after the 30th of each month


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