Plummer, Idaho  

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Utilities Provided by the City of Plummer

The City of Plummer provides electricity, water, sewer, and garbage collection services to residents. Electricity is also provided to customers outside of the city limits.

Plummer Power 
The City owns and operates an electric distribution system comprising of approximately 50 miles of line, serving about 860 customers. The service area extends beyond city limits to Heyburn State Park, Sorrento, Lovell Valley Road to Tilma, and other rural areas in close proximity to Plummer. 
Power is currently purchased for resale from Bonneville Power Administration. The City maintained a line crew until 1999. 
A Brief History 
The original power and light system was developed in 1914 and purchased by the City of Plummer in 1916. The system expanded to Tekoa, Washington in 1920 to allow for the purchase of power from Washington Water Power Company.

Water is supplied by five deep wells with a maximum capacity of producing 381,600 gallons per day with a seasonal well.  Three tanks provide storage with a total 480,000 gallon capacity.  The distribution system consists of 10.5 miles of pipe built primarily between 1955 and 2003.
The water is disinfected at four of the five wells and mixes with water from the other wells that are looped into the distribution system. Disinfection is provided by LMI pumps which inject hypochlorite into the water system.

Water Report
The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality generated a Source Water Assessment for Plummer's water system. This report delineates the source water area from which the city wells draw drinking water from the local aquifer.
The City produces a Consumer Confidence Report each year as required by the Clean Drinking Water Act.*The report is in link form at the bottom of the page.

Sewer System

The sewer collection system consists of 9.8 miles of pipe constructed between 1965 and 2003. The city recently lined or replaced the aged cement sewer pipe and brick manholes to reduce inflow and infiltration to the sewer system.
The sewer treatment system currently consists of a new state-of-the-art treatment facility.

Garbage Collection Service
The City of Plummer contracts with Southlake Services to collect refuse curbside on a weekly basis. Residential service is provided on Wednesday's for all residents in city limits.
Collected garbage is disposed of at the Benewah County Transfer Station near St. Maries and is ultimately trucked to a landfill in Montana.  Citizens can take large items to the Transfer Station for no additional fees.
Garbage Cans & Yard Waste;
Customers must place all garbage inside a trash receptacle with a secure lid. Garbage cans are provided by Southlake Services, to obtain a Garbage can please contact City Hall.

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